Mortal Shell – Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

Seek out absolution in Mortal Shell, as you take control of a vessel who can inhabit the bodies of forgotten warriors with incredible abilities in this tough-as-nails action RPG.

This Mortal Shell game trailer shows off a lot of the game’s sinister-looking enemies and sprawling locations. More than that, this Mortal Shell gameplay trailer highlights it’s souls-like combat mechanics. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get deep into some Mortal Shell gameplay so we can start swinging around that massive sword.

The release date for Mortal Shell is still TBA, but stay tuned to IGN for new Mortal Shell trailers and Mortal Shell game updates.

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  1. That being said, it's funny seeing all the noobs that can't play Souls like games get mad at another one coming out. I can just hear them screaming in frustration – "This game looks so cool, but I know I'll suck at it and die too much! Damnit, another great looking game I'm not good enough to play!!"

  2. The main thing I'm worried about is the lack of reaction from enemies when attacked. In the recent gameplay video you see enemies just tank through so many hits with their 9999 poise stat. If the game plays that way with every enemy, it'll get extremely old extremely fast.

  3. Another Dark Souls? Cool…

  4. 0:24, damn girl whatchu doin with all that

  5. I hope this game doesn't become another Agony. 😬🤞

  6. great another dark souls like game

  7. Looks more like God of War 2018 than Dark Souls

  8. Oi nangni okamata rebajok cha ritjokma de mitela

  9. Getting some For Honor vibes from this one!
    I am very, very ok with that!

  10. How I became the Witchking of Angmar – A Road Story.

  11. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to play on launch

  12. Finall some Elden Ring gameplay!

  13. I fucking hate Dark Souls

  14. Can't wait to get stuck on the first enemy for several hours…

  15. I will pass if it's another soulslike

  16. I've been seeing trailers of Mortal Shell past few times and I'm like "FromSoftware watch yo back"

  17. So another Souls like game?

  18. Freaking awesome game
    Stunning graphic

  19. The combat seems to have some weight to it that's missing from most Souls clones.

    Looks promising.

  20. props for actually showing gameplay most trailers are trash now a days XD

  21. Wow, a new souls clone with an uninspiring title, yes !!, just want i wanted to see.

    Wait, is gametrailer still alive ??

  22. Looks awesome. I love the dark gothic medieval style.

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