Moonlighter – PSX 2017: Gameplay Trailer

This action-RPG with rouge-lite elements is coming to PS4.

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  1. This games looks so much like Moon Hunters, and even the name is so similar that I was shocked to see it wasn't the same dev

  2. Wait, wasn’t this already made like five years ago? Recettear: An Item Shop Tale? Capitalism Ho!

  3. Not only did they just downloaded the IGN video, the "G" in the Game Trailers logo is the same as the "G" in the IGN logo.

  4. this is the same exact footage that was shown couple months ago 🙁

  5. Yeah but what do the smith and potionlady do at night?? Come on!

  6. Aaand another game that doesn't have a vita release

  7. Mmm a zelda NES but alternative story: not hero, only the shopper

  8. Now this looks interesting!

  9. Wow so impressive i want it day one

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