Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s next event brings fan-favourite Transformers skins

Fans of Transformers and Mobile Legends alike behold, a new limited event is here, and it’s massive. The “Transformers: Battle Paint” Event is the latest event players can currently partake in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it’s as great as any autobot-head could expect.

Players who log in to the game from the 24th of August until the 22nd of November can collect Spray and exchange it for some permanent skins that feature the fan-favorite constructs in Transformers – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. The event will run in 4 different stages, each increasing the probability of a certain skin Spray, as follows:

  • From the 24th of August until the 30th of August each skin Spray has the same drop rate.
  • From the 31st of August until the 27th of September, Bumblebee Spray will have an increased drop rate.
  • From the 28th of September until the 25th of October, Megatron Spray will have an increased drop rate.
  • From the 26th of October until the 22nd of November, Optimus Prime Spray will have an increased drop rate.

However, even if you can’t manage to collect all the skin Spray parts during one period, you can still use the parts to exchange them for something else, equally useful.

Any redundant Spray Paint you have can be turned into Energon Spray, which you can then use to exchange for the desired Spray Box. Each Spray Box is themed according to the skin you’d like to get. Simple enough, right?

Furthermore, players can also accumulate draws which reward them with additional Energon Spray, at 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 draws.

Who are these skins for?

Since you already know which skins to expect, it’s now time to check which characters will receive those skins!

The biggest and baddest, Optimus Prime, will be a skin for Johnson, the tank that can morph into a car. How fitting! Megatron, the “villain”, will be a featured skin for Granger the marksman, and Bumblebee, everyone’s favourite Transformer will be a skin for X.Borg, the fighter.

Other redeemable loot

Aside from these massive skins, players can also collect a number of other items, including avatar frames, expressions, and effects. All these can be redeemed through the Battle Paint activity, so if you’re eager to get your hands on all of these skins, now is the time to log into MLBB and start collecting some Paint!

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