Mobile Charts: Top 10 paid games for Android phones and tablets


Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Developer: Mojang

Publisher: Mojang

Genre: Adventure, Brain training

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft has made its way on every single platform there is – and your phone is not an exception! This game is an open-world, adventure game where you can really do whatever you want. You can build, mind, fight monsters, upgrade weapons, discover abandoned buildings, find villagers and so much more.

You might think that a weird-looking block game might have no appeal, but once you actually start playing it it’s going to be a lot harder to put down. Take it from own experience. This game has secrets, weird occurrences and pretty much every element possible to keep you playing for hours, and so so with a lot of creativity.


Bloons TD 6

Publisher: Ninja Kiwi

Genre: Tower defence

Bloons TD 6

This is an amazing tower defense game, which is why it’s sat at the top of the paid list for quite some time. You are able to create towers, upgrade them, unlock heroes, change your abilities and so much more – providing a lot of strategy and fun to be had within this game!

Bloons TD 6 also boosts a lot of new original maps – with 3D objects that can block your line of site, so you’ll need to be aware and crafty to stay on top. Unlike free to play tower defense games, you won’t find a load of in-app purchases in this one! You could argue that all of these elements make this one of the best paid games for Android phones for a while now!


Stardew Valley

Publisher: Chucklefish

Genre: Multiplayer, Simulation

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a relaxing, farming simulation game that has a big story attached to it! In this game, you can get to know your town, develop relationships with the people who live there, and discover more about each of the residents (and about yourself too). You can also plant, fish, go to parties, fight monsters in the mines and discover some of the residents’ secrets.

It’s just a well rounded, fun farming game full of relaxing experiences. We just cannot praise this game enough – and the fact that all the complex stories within have all been created by a single person is astounding. This is a premium game that you won’t waste your money on, for sure! It has a lot of replay value and that easily makes it one of the best.


Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Simulation, Sports

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

People in England sure love their Football, as Football Manager seems to be within the top 5 each and every month. This football simulator allows you to help bring your favorite team up the rankings, going from being unknown to pros within the industry. Football Manager is known for being very authentic to football, allowing you to control loads of different decisions that real life football managers would need to make. There are even players that you will know from actual games of football.


Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game that has been around for so, so long. The game combines rhythm and action into one of those high-quality platformers that keep you pumped for the entire gameplay. You must jump, fly and flip your way through level after level, avoiding obstacles as you go.

The game also features a level creator so you can create and share your own levels – and play thoughts made by others – meaning you will never run out of content, and once you find something interesting, you can always try to come up with something never-before-seen.



Genre: Card/board game, Multiplayer


While some people see Monopoly as only a tabletop game, and they find it difficult to imagine it on mobile, many people actually prefer the digital version of the household name. It’s not hard to understand why either! This version of Monopoly has animations, different maps, and online multiplayer modes so you don’t even need to have friends to frustrate when playing the game.

Of course, there are different house rule sets, so if you want to play using rules similar to those you grew up with, you can do so without much hassle. The best part of it, however, is that you won’t be able to lose any of the pieces if they are digital! It’s a win-win situation, right?


Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Publisher: Beamdog

Genre: RPG

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

A newer game to make it onto this list, Neverwinter Nights is a Dungeons and Dragon RPG that has loads of gameplay and campaigns, perfect for those who are looking for a longer game to play along too. Neverwinter Nights can be played solo or with a team, providing a huge adventure all through your phone, with plenty to explore. In a time when people are connecting through the digital space more and more, Neverwinter Nights has clearly made a splash, and it’s very fun to explore a fantasy world with all your friends.


Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5

Much like Bloons TD 6, Bloons TD 5 is also a super popular tower defense, strategy game with tons of content, levels, and a lot to explore. There are special agents you can use to get the upper hand, lots of different upgrades and towers, and plenty of maps. You can even play in a two-player coop mode, where you and your friend can help each other hold back the masses.

Bloons TD 5 is very similar to the newer version of this game, but as there is plenty of content in this one, it makes a lot of sense that people are still playing it!


The Chase: Ultimate Edition

The Chase: Ultimate Edition

The Chase: Ultimate Edition is back in the top 10 this month! This is one of those trivia apps that are actually based on a Quiz TV show, of the same name, featuring the same presenter. But, instead of watching the show on TV, you can take a go at actually competing. You can take on six Chasers and try to know the most general knowledge and build up a massive amount of cash.

These sorts of quiz apps are quite popular, especially when they are tied to a real-life TV show.



Genre: Arcade

Find out more about SNKRX

SNKRX is a minimalist looking arcade shooter, where you become a giant worm, shooting away at small enemies within the screen. There are tons of different upgrades, ways to fire, and enemies that will try to take you on. Being an arcade game, SNKRX is a very quick to jump into and play game, with lots of replay value through upgrades and hoping to make your worm much larger.

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