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Nerf Ultimate Championship – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Never lose a foam dart again in Nerf Ultimate Championship, developer Secret Location’s competitive VR …


  1. Hahahaha this smells to me that it is for Xbox to leave a SONY some Bethesda game

  2. You see the Xbox Series X/S logo, then the Game Pass title and than the PlayStation Studios logo. Nice.

  3. Hmm I wonder if it was a trade-off? Microsoft get MLB The Show for the Game Pass, and Sony gets a Bethesda game or some other game that would have been otherwise exclusive?

  4. The truth behind this is baseball games dont sell well at all… Sony knows it's not a high seller for them and it's not like it's a AAA title… this is just a money grab for them nothing more nothing less!

  5. baseball is somehow ghetto now?

  6. Nice, $10 to play it for a month and scratch that itch lol perfect!

  7. Looks like SIE sure is desperate for money, even if it's MS money.

  8. A Sony made game being free on Xbox if you have GamePass…… Makes sense 😂

  9. A Sony-made Playstation game on Xbox Game Pass……let that sink in.

  10. Damn it’s going to be on game pass too, that’s a mf steal

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