Mitoza, originally released as a browser game ten years ago, is out today on iOS and Android

Second Maze, publishers of the Rusty Lake series, has revived Gal Mamalya’s Mitoza on iOS, Android and Steam.

Mitoza is a surreal choice-based game that explores different cycles alongside the unavoidable effects of the titular Mitoza. The app description describes the experience as a toy rather than a game, and that it all starts with a seed and develops from there.

You might be familiar with Mitoza if you were playing browser games over a decade ago. It launched as web-based game in 2011 and was available to play on the internet until Adobe discontinued Flash Player last year.
With Flash gone, sadly many early indie games that used it have also died, and so Second Maze has thankfully revived the game to be played in 2021 by bringing it to PC and mobile phones, complete with updated graphics and achievements.

Here’s a trailer for Mitoza, showcasing a bowling ball crush a plant pot, a rabbit dangling a carrot in front of a snowman, and tiny elephants carving off chunks of a carrot with their trunks. Be warned this may leave you pretty confused even if you’ve played the original browser game.

It’s all presented in a unique way, using photorealistic renditions of various real-world objects and animals and animating them in an odd way. Combined with the darkened room setting, it creates an almost Lynchian aura of unsettling imagery.

Mitoza is available today from the iOS App Store, the Google Play for Android store, and on Steam. It is a free to play game.
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