Mitoza is an upcoming surreal adventure game for iOS and Android that initially released 10 years ago as a browser game

Second Maze, the publishing arm made by the folks behind the Rusty Lake series, has announced their next endeavour which will be arriving for iOS, Android and Steam this Friday. They’ll be reviving Gal Mamalya’s adventure game Mitoza.

You might already be familiar with Mitoza, since it first launched as a web-based game 10 years ago. With the death of Flash, Mitoza could have eventually been lost to time but thanks to Second Maze it will soon be playable on phones and PC with updated graphics and achievements.

If you’ve never heard of the game before it’s a surreal choose-your-adventure that looks to explore different cycles alongside the unavoidable effects of the titular Mitoza. It all starts with a seed and develops from there, with the Steam description describing the experience as a toy rather than a game.

You can check out a trailer for Mitozo in the embedded video above but that’ll most likely leave you more confused rather than telling you more about the game. Among many things we see a bowling ball crush a plant pot, a rabbit dangling a carrot in front of a snowman and tiny elephants with propellers lopping off chunks of a carrot with their trunks.
It’s all delightfully weird and presented in a fairly unique fashion by using photographs of the various objects you’ll interact with throughout the game and animating them. Everything takes place in a darkened room where only the centre is lit up, which gives certain scenes a fairly unsettling vibe.

Mitoza is available to pre-order now over on the App Store, Google Play and Steam ahead of its launch on March 5th. It will be a free game.
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