Minit: Hints and tips to help you in this time-based adventure

Pick a direction and go

Speed is a huge part of the game. And although there are many directions you can go, just choose one and see where it leads. Remember, you only have one minute per day to explore before you start over from your house. You might be surprised what you can find in such a short amount of time. 

If you see something interesting but are almost out of time. Let the timer go off, and then as soon as you reset, head right back in that direction and continue on. You should have more time to work with since you know where to go now. 

Don’t worry if you find the time limit to be annoying at first. You’ll get used to it, and it will make anything you discover feel more rewarding. Plus, our little hero moves pretty quickly so you should be able to get around good.

But, in short, pick a direction, run, discover, die, and then rinse and repeat.

Discover new homes

In Minit, you can find places to stay while out exploring. This is hugely beneficial considering how much ground you can cover in the game. Maybe you found a really cool spot but only had so much time to work with. There’s a good chance that there’s a new place to stay nearby. 

This will make reaching long-distance locations a breeze. Stay in your new home as much as you like until you feel like you discovered everything in the surrounding area. From there, you can branch out until you find another one (within a minute of course). 

Keep an eye out for shortcuts too. Once you complete certain puzzles and discover new things, you’ll open up some nifty shortcuts to get you from home to home. This really can be helpful especially if you want to go back to a previously visited area, but live too far away.

Find new abilities and items

This is something that will just take a bit of exploration, but it’s pretty easy once you know the locations. You can find some nice abilities and items that can help you in battles and help you complete tasks. For example, I highly recommend grabbing the watering can to start (after finding the sword first). 

This item can be found when you make a right (your right not your character’s right) and going crossed the train tracks. Once you’re across, go the very end of the area and then smack a plant that will be in your way. From there, you’ll find the watering can which will be helpful when you find the desert. 

Another thing of note is the sword throwing ability. This is great for ranged attacks. In order to find this, you’ll need to defeat a mini-boss who hides deep in the desert. Destroy the plants around the ghostly being and then finish it off with your sword. You’ll then have one of the best melee abilities in the game. 

So those are just two of the many things you can get in Minit. Keep exploring because you never know what you’ll find. 

Whack at almost everything (except people)

This goes back to exploration. When adventuring, try to be as thorough as you can. Yes, I know, you need to be fast too, but definitely pay attention to everything, especially things like walls. Try hitting them with your sword and you may discover a new path. 

This is how we found the watering can that we talked about earlier. By being extra mindful of our surroundings. If there’s something that looks breakable and it’s sitting near a wall, then hit it. You may find a new path. 

Every once in a while you might discover items too. You just need to keep those eyes peeled. Stairs can easily be missable too. Most of the time, stairs aren’t blocked off, but sometimes, you just might not see them so definitely try to be as observant as you can on your adventures.


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