Minecraft x Minions Crossover – Official Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for the Minions x Minecraft DLC, available now, and get ready for the Overworld to be flooded by tiny, yellow henchmen.

Gather your Minions and get ready to help Gru fight iconic villains like the Vicious Six, El Macho, and Vector.

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  1. This is surprisingly cool…..to be honest!!

  2. we get a minions crossover but nothing for technoblade

  3. Everyday we stray further and further from any semblance of humanity

  4. Idk why but everytime I see the Minions they always make me laugh. Who couldnt agree more?

  5. Weeeelllllll alrighty then…

  6. This is why the update is taking so long

  7. Greetings. I'm producing a game called Parallel and did a new trailer. It also has a Steam page. 🙏

  8. Wait 😐 no please don’t 😐

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