Min Min moveset breakdown and strategies – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cheats, tips, guides

Both fists

The 1-2-punch is Min Min’s bread and butter, and will inevitably become incredibly helpful in your fights ahead – it is also Min Min’s primary difference between her and the rest of the cast.

The B button, usually reserved for special attacks, now simply activates her other fist. Feels like we need a Tekken character joining Smash next. With two punches at her disposal, Min Min can walk along the stage while pushing enemies back with ease – though the long retraction period of her arms means you should either keep one ready to defend with, or just be very wary of aerial attackers.

Min Min can change what fist she has equipped to her special button, but she can pull this out at any time, including in the air. Min Min is easily one of the more versatile and unique fighters in Smash, but this can come with some significant downsides.

Fist properties

Min Min can swap between multiple fists. The first is her flying disc, the Ramram, and this will literally shoot a frisbee at the end, which will curve upwards hitting opponents on stages, before returning to your arm before your next attack.

Next up is the Megawatt, a heavy arm which moves a bit slower, but is a perfect way to knock out high-damage opponents.

Finally is the Dragon. You will have the Dragon equipped to your left arm at all times. After it has been sent out, you can tap the attack button again to have the dragon shoot flames at any nearby opponents. Yes, this homes, and yes, this is very good.

You can swap your arms at any time with your down special attack. Your up special is a nice jump, at least while grounded, and while in the air it will latch onto the corner of a stage, like Joker’s grapple.

Control scheme

Min Min is a great character, and personally, she makes me consider changing up my control scheme. It’s not just the unusual usage of special moves in regular battle scenarios, it’s the fact that she can utilise moves when others can’t.

Min Min doesn’t strictly have a traditional side aerial attacks or specials, but what she does have is the ability to Smash with her special button, and hit tilts and Smash attacks when on the move or even in the air.

This gives Min Min loads of opportunities to hit out opponents early on, and the 1-2 punch, when performed off stage with the Megawatt, will pretty much guarantee that any enemy that gets close will get punished very hard indeed.

For all of this to work out, you might want to consider assigning your tilt attacks to your C-stick, or right stick for those of you not using a Gamecube pad. This will allow you to move much more easily while having simple access to powerful tilt attacks.

On stage strategies

Min Min’s obvious advantage over many other characters in Smash is that she has that incredible range and she can play with it as much as she wants, but her downside is that once the arms are sent out, she won’t be ablle to defend herself as easily as she may like.

If you are playing against Min Min it can be as simple as jumping over her arms once they’re thrown out at you, and if you’re playing as Min Min it’s a case of anticipating your opponent’s movements, awaiting that jump in, and preparing to punish it.

By far the most advantageous thing about the arms is being able to get that easy kill when an enemy goes off stage. They might be able to recover while avoiding one of your arms, but avoiding both will be difficult for even the most skilled player. Just don’t get risky and start messing around with off-stage shenanigans.

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