Million Lords was released by developers Million Victories last year following a period of beta testing and since then it’s accumulated over 250,000 downloads. Now they’re set to bring a sizeable update to the strategy game that will arrive on the 23rd January, though according to the GB App Store it’s available now, so you might already have the update.

It will be called Rise of Gods and will introduce several new features – both large and small – to Million Lords that the developers believe will bring more competitiveness to battles. The largest of which is access to new quests that will allow clan members to conquer temples. This will provide them with noteworthy bonuses.

There’s a greater focus on the clan aspect of the game in the Rise of Gods update in general. The chat has been upd ated so that it’s faster to use and players will also be able to bookmark cities so that they can easily share its location with their clanmates.

On top of that, players will now be able to collect jewellery for their inventory. These items will appear in a new chest variant that recently became available, Mighty Chests. These accessories will provide several bonuses that should help the climb up the leaderboards by opening up new strategic options.

Discussing the changes Kevin Avril, Game Designer said: “We are convinced that Rise of Gods greatly enhances the gaming experience, bringing, even more, strategy and competition on the battlefield.”

He added: “You can now help your clan to get stronger with the bonus granted by the various temples, you can step up your game with new items and choose to give a try to different tactics. We believe this provides a whole new challenge to our players.”

Million Lords is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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