If you’re thinking that Million Dungeon is just another one of those Match-3 games with the sparks flying all over the place, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. While the game does have all the bells and whistles that come with your typical entry in that category, it’s so much more than that. After all, can any other Match-3 game set you off on a quest to free a genie in a bottle or make you feel good about yourself by breaking up a bar fight?

Part RPG and part roguelike, Million Dungeon lets you choose a hero from different factions and then set off on an adventure either helping citizens you meet or fighting off monsters in different islands around the world. For every area you unlock, you’re given “days” where you can take your pick from random encounters you may or may not want to engage. For instance, you can visit an inn to rest up, shop for supplies in the local store, or enter forests with mysterious happenings and meet colourful characters along the way. Some encounters will reward you with goodies and buffs depending on your answers to certain choices, while some will pit you against monsters in a fight. … [MORE

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