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Fortnite: The Block Reveal Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The reveal of Fortnite’s The Block, which will bring player made areas into the PvP …


  1. MEDIEVIL, no medieval…

  2. It's funny, I havent' played a demo in what feels like decades. And given that I only ever played Medievil in demo form back on PS1, it's very fitting I should get the chance again to play the medievil demo. Though this time I may indeed pick it up.

  3. Release for Steam please.

  4. I remember playing this game as a kid. Used to play the first level over and over again and not move on cuz the game is soooo damn dark. I was scared easily as a kid. Now I wanna finish this game properly.

  5. This throws me back to when I was in middle school, broke af and seeing my next door neighbor play the crap out this game.

  6. I wish the sword had the swoosh noise…

  7. Nice! They don't make games like this anymore

  8. I promise you there is gonna be some serious "surprise mechanics" in this

  9. This looks awesome I still remember playing the original

  10. Do people remember Death Jr.??

  11. Yes, Medieval, what a classic…
    That autocorrect, tho

  12. Oh the sweet, sweet memories

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