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Fortnite: The Block Reveal Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The reveal of Fortnite’s The Block, which will bring player made areas into the PvP …


  1. What's a good way to bring back a beloved franchise that hasnt had a new entry in over a decade? Stick on VR so only rich assholes can play it

  2. And not a tier 1 or beard operator in sight. I'm interested in trying it .

  3. Is it just me, or is EA getting desperate?

  4. Rebirth of medal of honour is over before it comes out

  5. The great thing is, you can easily port this over to the Wii.

  6. the cheaped on this one graphically soooo much
    ps2 era graphics 🤦‍♂️

  7. It looks like you've regressed to pre ps2 graphics

  8. Wtf… Did the fucking railgun just move it's entire lengh BACKWARDS after shooting a shell at a 75degree angle?!

  9. Looks fine anf interesting,the only downside is that few people have vr headsets

  10. oculus exclusive, fuck that shit man, i'm never buying your trash headset facebook.

  11. Where's the WW2 game where you get to play as the Germans in the campaign?

  12. I have been dreaming of a medal of honor game, but this will fail because of how many people actualy own a vr headset, what are they thinking.

  13. The guy in the thumbnail looks like Kyle Bosman

  14. When battlefield is not working anymore

  15. Last of us 2 won game of the year!! All those haters. Oh yeah those tears are 😋

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