Master of Magic – Official Reveal Trailer

Master of Magic returns in a new, upgraded version faithful to the original 1994 Master of Magic, with identical gameplay mechanics and the same content. It’s currently in alpha, with plans to release on PC in 2022.

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  1. Reveal usually have something to show…usually.

  2. Da fuh? So what kind of game is it? This trailer told me NOTHING

  3. yeah, no thanks, crappy animation with no gameplay footage = zero interest

  4. Much as I love the game, whose idea was it to turn the purple sorcerer into an edgy horned demon lord? They need to be fired…

  5. Was that a game trailer? We saw nothing about the game

  6. Cool that was super informative lol

  7. Master of Magic is a classic (and the inspiration for Age of Wonders), so I really hope that this one will be great!

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