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Replaced – Official Announcement Trailer | E3 2021

Replaced, a side-scrolling steampunk action game with high-res, yet retro graphics, is coming 2022. source


  1. What a damn shame why is nobody stopping them, the same with 343 studios take your hands of my fucking halo man shit….

  2. Halo man in game ruin life

  3. had to edit my comment after I saw what they did to RvB, I want to die

  4. My favorite Halo games rated best to worst:

    1. Halo Reach (best community 2010-2012 change my mind)
    2. Halo 3
    3. Halo 2
    4. Halo 5 (arena modes and firefight anyway)
    5. Halo 3 ODST
    6. Halo CE
    7. Halo Wars
    8. Halo 4

  5. Only in 2020 can Halo sink further into the abyss.

  6. lol poor master chief, hes franchise is dead and now he's forced to be a toy in other franchises. it's just a fps series but damn, i feel sorry for halo.

  7. I can't believe they stole Dialogue from OneyPlays. Epic is disgusting

  8. Fortnite do me a favor stop making all these damn sick skins cause my wallet can't keep up. Especially when all three of my kids play it to and there going to want him

  9. Ah yes…a teaser for Halo Infinite battle royale.

  10. why was he in a fridge , who put him there

  11. Sssssooooo… now all that’s missing is Samus?

  12. "An insult to be sure, but one with a modicum of respect."

  13. I like this and hate this at the same time.

  14. Master Chief and Kratos in the same game. Who would have thought that Fortnite would be the one bridging that gap lol.

  15. Master chief needs the promo, he hasn’t been doing good since 343 took over

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