Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen celebrates the summer season with new Visages and Seashell collection event

Masketeers may have a huge responsibility – being defenders against evil Wraiths and all – but that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play! Appxplore (iCandy) is welcoming the summer sun with Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen’s new Costumes, Visages, and tons of sizzling rewards this season.

Let your Masketeers soak in the sun, sand, and sea with the limited seasonal Visages in this new event update from Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen. The mobile orb-matching RPG combines exciting battles between good and evil with low-key idle progression. This season, it’s all about parading in your best summer gear with all the themed masks and relics you can dress your Masketeers in.

There’s the Tropical Hotshot Costume and Sunny Lifeguard Visage for Falcon, plus the Summer Spindrift Costume and Aestival Feline Visage for Felina. You can also obtain a Sunshine Primate Visage for King and a Venetian Canine Visage for Caine, as well as a Skittish Bruin Visage for Titan. The event also lets you collect seashells from the Beach Koi and the mini Trader of Fates. You can exchange these for Dust, Crystals, Masks, and Wisps to name a few, or grab the Festive Pass for more exclusive rewards.

Imbued with inexplicable power from mysterious masks, your heroes can take a stand against demonic Wraiths and help bring peace to your society. Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can find out more about the game over on the official website, or check out the official Facebook page to stay updated on the latest developments.

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