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  1. GOTY edition? Nah make a Complete Edition like Horizon Zero Dawn and I might consider.

  2. Best Spider-Man "Game of the Year" Ever!
    I Highly Recommend to Buy It For The Bundle Real Soon.

  3. Good luck with that Sony boycott, Marvel fanboys ๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. GOTY? hardly, this game was just ok. Also i heard the dlc was trash, I didn't even bother

  5. it took them long e-fucking-nough to come out with a version that has the dlc. but if this means only a dlc code and not on disc, then i call bullshit. its bad enough this game has been out for a year and the developers keep pumping out dlc constantly trying to squeeze more money from people.

  6. So DLC with a timer then?

  7. so it's just the deluxe edition, but pricier?

  8. Awesome game… this version includes all 5 minutes of the DLCs.

  9. Is the DLC on Disc? Or download code…..

  10. Really wish theyโ€™d updated the cover art. Still looks really bland and generic and the opposite of what this game really is.

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