Marvel's Avengers: War Table – Official Holiday Content Gameplay Overview

Check out the Marvel’s Avengers Holiday content deep dive, outlining what’s next for your favourite Marvel heroes.

The new Marvel’s Avengers War Table overview breaks down all the new content arriving in the 2.2 patch, including the game’s first Raid, Discordant Sound. This Raid is endgame content, designed to challenge players. Improvements to various missions, gear, and cosmetics are also on the way in the 2.2 update, along with Spider-Man’s arrival on PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4.

Marvel’s Avengers’ 2.2 update releases on November 30, 2021.

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  1. When we gonna be able to play as Spider-Man though👀

  2. I’m genuinely convinced the only people playing this are kids who were given this game as a present for their birthday because the parents saw how cheap it was and it said “Avengers”

  3. Thank god YouTube removed dislikes so the poor billion dollar companies won’t feel bad for ripping off people.

  4. Would love an X-men game in this style. I so want to play as Beast or Nightcrawler.

  5. It’s funny how this game costs money but acts exactly the same as free to play games.

    Cheeky bastards.

  6. Webs dont stick to buildings. Absolute disgrace smh

  7. Who the hell ever asked for an Avengers Destiny lite?

  8. ok cosmetic actually looks pretty nice. But gameplay is vomit

  9. I got the game for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    Edit: It cost 15 US Dollars.

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