Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite First Gameplay Trailer

Get a look at Chun-Li, Hulk, Hawkeye, Ultron, and others in action.

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  1. Looks like a game without a soul and zero personality

  2. They went too much Injustice. The comic-cartoon look was much tastier.

  3. Ultron looks like he's going to be nerfed as soon as people start playing him.

  4. When this game looks more Complete than Street fighter 5

  5. This game could actually get me into fighting games. It's a shame there's no X-Men though

  6. put something from monster hunter in this game! maybe a palico?

  7. funny that after 3 fighting titles capcom didn't learn anything from past mistakes

  8. seems very broken to shit. playing online wont be competitive at all. one hit then combo and its over

  9. No Switch release? I find that really odd. I figured this was a shoe in on the switch. Come to think of it I don't know a Capcom title for switch yet outside of SF2 (how original)…….. odd.

  10. This just made me realize how much similar Hawkeye and Green Arrow are. Personalities that is.

  11. "some negative comment"
    most people will still buy it day 1 lol.

  12. i'm so glad its 2 on 2 again. really hope theres a one on one mode though.

  13. so you can only do teams of 2 and not 3. or is this not finished yet in that regard?

  14. Anyone else wish MVC would be made in HD 2D graphics? It's too bad everything has to be 3D now for people to even justify it being a console worthy purchase at full price

  15. Ultron doing JoJo poses and shit

  16. The meta is about to get SO fucking broken with those stones. and I couldnt be happier.

  17. Waiting for that Spider-Man reveal.

  18. what is so special about this? same old stuff. and what's up with the static backgrounds?

  19. Soooo Sigma in the game!??? wtffff! That's fucking badass!

  20. lol. That DLC character looks like a costplay of Buzz and Zord in one body. Xv kekekeke!

  21. Not into the art style at all

  22. Well, Hawkeye is dead….😐

  23. Still not seeing Ken master. WTF!


  25. I'm not sure I like the art direction on this one. They went too realistic with the character models. I prefer the cartoony comic look of the older games

  26. Trailers are boring, gameplay looks kinda laggy, Special moves are meh, story also looks meh. doesnt feel like any improvements from the last game, everything looks same except for style.
    I dont know how they expect to go against much superior Injustice 2.

  27. not buying this unless venom is in it

  28. The Avengers vs Capcom

  29. As long as I can have Deadpool vs. Phoenix Wright in this game, I'll be happy.

  30. Sigma looks a bit like a combination of Buzz Lightyear and his nemesis, Zurg.

  31. Is it me or does the game play looks laggy and clunky?

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