Mario Kart Tour’s Yoshi Tour begins today, bringing a host of races and challenges to beat

With the Hammer Bros Tour over, it’s time for a new one to take its place. This time around Mario Kart Tours latest will focus on the best Mario character, Yoshi. The Yoshi Tour gets underway today and will run until 22nd April, in the UK at least, this will vary between time zones.

This means a whole host of races to compete in to see if you can collect all of the Grand Stars. There will also be Tour Gifts on offer as always with free and Gold Pass variants offering a mixture of karts, gliders and characters.

If you’re not a subscriber you’ll be able to earn rubies and Baby Daisy as tour gifts alongside a Kart and Glider. Meanwhile, Gold Pass subscribers will also be able to get a Red Turbo Yoshi Kart and Red Yoshi character in their Tour Gifts as well as a glider.

A new tour also means a new Spotlight Pipe that will try and gobble up all your rubies. Given the time of the year, this first week will be Easter themed with Yoshi (Egg Hunt), the Bright Bunny Kart and Bright Glider up for grabs. The Pipe Spotlight will change for the second week of the tour. 
Each will bring their own skills to the game. Yoshi himself will have Yoshi’s Egg, which will home in on opponents and will contain multiple items when it breaks. The Bright Bunny will increase Jump Boost time and the points earned for doing so whilst the Bright Glider will make your chances of getting a banana increase significantly. Using one will also net you more points.

Mario Kart Tour is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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