Standard VS Gold Pass

Once you jump into the multiplayer menu you’ll have three choices, Standard Race, Gold Pass Race, and Create a Room. In case you couldn’t tell, the Gold Pass race is exclusively for Gold Pass subscribers.

If you’re not a subscriber, this race type, which has a slightly different ruleset, will be off limits to you, unfortunately.

Standard players will have to stick to the Standard Race type for standard rewards, and if you want to set up a local game or with friends, you should of course jump into the Create a Room option.

Earning stars online

While playing online you will be playing on a set few tracks, depending on which cup is being run at that moment. You can earn stars for these tracks separately to the actual cups, allowing you to get extra stars to earn more rewards, without necessarily splashing on a Gold Pass.

This will definitely keep players engaged in the multiplayer, though I must admit, it doesn’t seem like the best reward. I would’ve been more enticed by a multiplayer exclusive driver, glider, or kart, which you can work your way towards every few weeks.

But it’s still early days, and the multiplayer is already much better than during the beta phase, so things can only get better.

Opening a local multiplayer lobby

The other option on the multiplayer menu is Create a Room, which allows you to set some arbitrary rules (how many items can be used, the CC) and then get friends in the room.

Here’s the issue. You can’t invite people to the room. Nope, you just have to have people join, and frankly, how you actually get people to join isn’t exactly clear.

But you should be able to join the room a friend has opened by visiting them in your friend list. Though this may be difficult. So make sure to add plenty of friends, both online and off, to fill up those rooms.

Playing with friends and getting more friends

Of course to fill up your multiplayer rooms you need more friends to compete against, and wouldn’t you know it, we have a guide for that.
Right here you will find our Mario Kart Tour friend code list. We’ve got more than 23,000 friend codes posted in the comments section, and you can add your own.

Of course, you should also make sure to add any friends you have in real life. You know, as a back up.

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