Racing on hard mode

That is essentially what Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer mode is right now: racing on hard mode. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As of right now you just need to worry about getting to the finish line first, and honestly, it’s a llittle bit refreshing. After all, that’s what Mario Kart multiplayer is founded on, not a weird adaptation of it.

Of course with real players you’ll need to focus much more on preparing yourself for enemy attacks, attacking enemies, and keeping pole position, so make sure to trail a shell or banana behind you whenever possible.

Points? What points?

This is, of course, an open beta period, so we’re under the assumption that there are several things coming to change things up, but these are the takeaways we have right now…

Points don’t seem to matter in this mode whatsoever right now, but that may change. You also don’t get any rewards in multiplayer at the moment, and we expect that to change too.

In the future it seems likely that points and position will matter equally, and coin rewards will be offered depending on placement overall, but right now it’s hard to say whether any of it is too important.

The best character for the job

You already know that your driver, kart, and glider all make a difference in how you perform on the track, and that’s still important in multiplayer. Which will likely see you racing against similar characters pretty often.

Until things are rebalanced for a proper multiplayer launch, right now what matters most is picking the best driver for the job, because of course, an ideal driver for a track will be able to pull three items out of an item box, giving them the edge.

We’ll update this with future details on the full multiplayer release when we can, but as of right now, just focus on having the best driver, and everything else will fall into place.


This is the big issue, of course. Netcode dictates how smooth your experience will be, and on mobile when you will inevitably have players playing potentially miles away from their nearest cell phone tower and under less than ideal conditions, smooth netcode is essential.

As of right now, it’s not perfect, but working well enough. You can see players skip across the track occasionally, but not too often.

The best advice is to play on a WiFi connection with good signal, close to the router, and watch out for items. Some enemies just seem to be phasing right through item assaults right now, and therefore, you can’t always rely on them to win…

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