MRP – Mallu Role Play – Rules

Community Rules

  1. Bullying, Harassment, or Targeting is punished with a permanent ban without appeal.​
  2. Any form of discrimination, racism or sexism is punished with a permanent ban without appeal. Racist slurs are not welcomed regardless of what context you say them in. Rape Roleplay or vulgar language/actions are not tolerated.​​
  3. Swearing is not at all allowed even when you are in a roleplay. This will result in a permanent ban.​
  4. Any threats made to the community or a person will be taken very seriously. A permanent ban will be issued without the chance to appeal. Depending on the context of the threat, we’ll happily assist the police with any inquiries.​​
  5. The Staff Team reserves the right to ban any person from our servers at any time if they are found to be disruptive or if we have a valid reason to think that they are here to be disruptive.​
  6. In roleplay, every situation is different, and it is difficult to detail everything here. Just keep in mind that this is an adult community and some things come down to using common sense.​
  7. Encouraging or forcing other members of the community to break rules is strictly prohibited and will be punished with a ban.​
  8. Providing false information such as your age when applying for a position/job at our servers or when asked by a staff member is not allowed. Keep in mind that you should never be asked to provide your full name, address, or any information that is personal

General Rules

  1. Vehicle Deathmatch (also known as VDM) is strictly prohibited. At MRP , we define VDM as the act or effort of intentionally using a vehicle to kill or injure other persons, or, where a player kills another person, without intent, by reckless performance under circumstances where any sane individual would understand that such performance could beyond reasonable doubt result in the death of another person. Examples of VDM include, but are not limited to: intentionally running people over or causing explosions to vehicles in order to kill or injure any person(s), speeding excessively with a car hitting a motorcycle where the rider/passenger dies or causing an explosion to a vehicle in a high traffic area like Legion Square which results in the death of any person(s)
  2. An act in which a person uses his vehicle as a weapon in order to protect his own life from any direct or immediate threat, will not be considered VDM. A direct or immediate threat in this section is defined as any individual who actively attempts to take your life at the moment. If a person who attempts to kill you, but falls short of completing the act, tries to flee the scene, he is no longer considered a direct threat to your life.​
  3. Random Deathmatch (also known as RDM) is the act of killing/downing somebody without first engaging in quality roleplay. The mentioned roleplay should always include directly initiating on somebody’s life or having your own life initiated on. You are also to give people an incentive and enough time to comply with your orders (e.g during a robbery, do not shoot after 3 seconds if they don’t listen). Note that we do not consider quick countdowns quality roleplay​
  4. Fear RP is not allowed. This means that you are to value your life at all times and act accordingly in situations. For example, if you have a gun pointed at you, then you are to listen to commands given by the person holding the gun or anyone affiliated with that person to ensure your own survival.
  5. Any modifications that change the functionality of the game or changes how our systems/scripts work (also known as modding and scripting) is strictly prohibited on our servers and will result in a permanent ban being issued. An example of a modification would be a crosshair or one that gives you free money.​
  6. Bugs are inevitable as the server is in constant development. Exploiting any of these in-game bugs and using them to your advantage is not allowed. If you discover a bug that can be exploited, you are to immediately report it to any staff member available and they will make sure it’s taken care of. You are also not to exploit certain game mechanics such as using the deposit/withdraw for your car to repair it.​
  7. Combat logging during any roleplay situation is considered exploitation. Some examples of this would be: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, while dead awaiting a medic, logging out to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained, etc. We are aware of common crashes, connection issues, etc., however, this is often reflected in the logs and staff will make an informed decision on whether you’ve tried to resolve the issue by, for example, logging back on
  8. Trolling is the deliberate act of performing certain actions to provoke a reaction. We have a very clear list of what we consider trolling, but we advise using common sense as trolling is a very broad subject, and it is impossible to list everything. We consider the following trolling: running around while people are trying to roleplay, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, blocking people with your car without RP, jumping off buildings, bombarding people with messages, and playing soundboards/voice changers in-game without RP and in our discord channels. Depending on the severity, a violation of this rule could lead to a permanent ban without appeal
  9. Trading real-life items for any in-game luxury is not allowed. This is because we do not want to be seen as a commercial entity as we feel it is unethical and FiveM strictly prohibits it. Donations made to cover server costs is an exemption
  10. Using your phone to call jobs/EMS in order for them to arrive only so you can rob, take them as a hostage, or perform any other illegal activities will be punished accordingly.​
  11. Ban evasion is not allowed. This means that, after banned, you may not play on other accounts to get around the ban or attempt anything that might trick staff into thinking you’re a different person.
  12. You may not advertise other communities through MRP Roleplay, nor should you for any products/services/accounts for personal gain unless relevant to the server itself. A ban would be issued through the respective channel (e.g our Discord server) that you were using to advertise
  13. While reporting someone, kindly make sure you have sufficient evidence.
  14. Impersonating any government official (Police/EMS/Staff Members or Admins) is not at all allowed. Players will be banned without warnings.
  15. While driving the car in side the city your speed limit should be at 60 KMH.
  16. When you use voice changer that would be match with your character eg- Not to Low, Not to High.
  17. Due to multiple circumstances and situations we are enforcing a new rule that states that no one is allowed to brandish a weapon, indulge in criminal activity,burnout vehicles or loiter in any of the safe zones (Outside/inside Pillbox hospital , Outside/ inside Police department , Garage Area) Failure in complying with this new rule shall result in a kick/ban from this server.(Temporary Rule)

RolePlay Rules

  1. Powergaming is strictly prohibited. This is when you aim to maximize progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling (roleplay) and atmosphere.​
  2. Fail RP is the act of failing to roleplay realistically and is a bannable offence. When playing, it is important to keep to realistic capabilities
  3. You must hot-mic all communication that is made outside of the server’s voice channel if the it is relevant to the roleplay. This means, for example, that if you are communicating with a fellow team member on Discord or Teamspeak and you are within the audio proximity of another player (they can hear you), then you must ensure that player can overhear everything that you are saying. Note that this rule does not apply if you are in a direct gunfight or if you are in no roleplay situation at all.​
  4. Roleplaying as a character of a sensitive nature like ‘extreme’ psycho is not allowed and will be result in a ban.
  5. Baiting is not allowed. Baiting for the sake of a gunfight is not considered roleplay. A few examples of baiting are: doing donuts around the police to provoke a reaction, robbing a gas station only to start a gunfight, and standing on top of somebody’s car without any RP to get a reaction from the owner
  6. After a server restart, all roleplay that happened within 15 minutes before should be forgotten.​
  7. Roleplaying as a nude character is not allowed,and also playing as a sexist character is not tolerated at our MRP regardless of how good your roleplay is. Punishment is a permanent ban.​
  8. OOC(out of character) channels should not be used to resolve roleplay situations. This means that you should not use these channels to tell people that what is your location, situation and you are not allowed nor threaten to file reports. Of course, you may do this on before-hand, but not after actions have already been committed and/or roleplay is completed.​

Meta Gaming

  1. Using information which was not obtained through roleplay to influence actions in-game is considered metagaming and is not allowed
  2. You are not allowed to identify people by using their assigned IDs. This number is only to be used when you wish to report somebody or by staff when performing certain actions on players (such as kicking). Punishment is a kick or depending on the context, may lead to a more strict punishment which may include in a permanent ban.​
  3. If you are restrained or if your communication devices (phone) have been removed then you must make yourself inactive on any other forms of communication besides proximity chat.​
  4. “Stream Sniping” is considered metagaming and is not allowed If a player is streaming on our servers, then you must not use the information that you gain from watching the stream in-game, if found doing so will result into a kick and in a more serious situation may result into a permanent ban.

New Life Rule

  1. When a new life starts, your character will forget all the information and events leading up to your death. However, you are still the same character (same job, gang, friends).​
  2. A new life starts, when:​
    You are executed and revived
    You re-spawn.
  3. A new life does not start when:​
    Your character has been the victim of a clear case of VDM
    Your character has been the victim of a clear case of RDM
    You are downed (awaiting reviving)
    You disconnect (end of the session)
  4. When you re-spawn:​
    Your character cannot return within 500m of the location of death or be involved in the same combat situation until the situation is over or 10 minutes have passed in real time.
  5. When you are revived:​
    You may not actively engage in or continue the same combat situation for the next 10 minutes in real time.
    Your character remembers all the information before they were downed.
  6. When you are downed:​
    You cannot communicate with anyone while downed, especially not give any tactical information to your teammates.
    You are supposed to be hurt. Do not talk if you were downed by a gun or any other lethal weapon, unless you were downed by something that isn’t critical , but if you do decide to talk, at least act hurt.
  7. Players might act and try to tell you what happened to you and make the situation lead to a revenge. This type of revenge RP will be not considered as RP and depending upon the situation a kick/ban will be given

Criminal Roleplay Rules

  1. When taking hostages, you must provide high-quality roleplay.​
  2. You are not allowed to use your friends or gang members as hostages. Hostages must be players that have no idea what you are planning.
  3. You are not allowed to use your phone to warn the police. Messages sent over the phone such as: “we will shoot any cops within 10 kilometers” will not be accepted.
  4. When the police turn their sirens, lights on to pull you over, roleplay is not initiated. This means that you cannot start shooting at police just for attempting to pull you over. Such actions will be classed as clear RDM.​
  5. For an execution to occur, there must be: 1.High-quality roleplay involved, and 2.A very good reason for it to take place.​
  6. Gang activity and Robbery(Person) is not allowed(Temporary Rule)
  7. If you are wearing some mask or any weird dress in public area you are liable to be searched by the PD

Police Roleplay Rule

  1. Being a police officer at MRP Roleplay is a huge privilege. It allows you to engage in some very interesting and awesome roleplay scenarios. In addition, you get to enforce the law! However, to ensure high-quality roleplay from the police, we have set a few rules.
  2. All police must have a working microphone and be available on discord.​
  3. Police equipment (weapons, items, etc.) are not to be exchanged with players outside of the force. This is only acceptable if there is solid roleplay behind it.​
  4. The police role should not be abused to help friends.​
  5. When going off-duty as an officer, you are to dispose of any equipment and vehicles that you got from the police department. You may also not get equipment from the PD while off-duty.​
  6. Police cannot perform executions unless under rare circumstances. Their must be a code red situation or the execution must be fully approved by the police command.​
  7. Cops can be fearless according to the situation: If the cops find themselves in a one on one situation with a civilian where the player is pointing a weapon at them the cop can fight back because cops are professionally trained to do so.
  8. Police can use spikes but it should only cover 50% of the road. Their must be a 50% chance for escaping through the passage

EMS Roleplay Rule

  1. EMS is a role which does not primarily focus on combative roleplay. Your job is to help injured people, regardless of who they are.
  2. EMS is to consult with the nearest officer when attending a crime scene as a medic. If no officers are nearby, then they can choose to call them or proceed with extreme caution.
  3. When going off-duty as a medic, you have to dispose the equipment that you got from the hospital.
  4. EMS is not to abuse their powers as a medic to help friends.

Robbery and Job Rules

  1. Total People who can involve in Bank Robbery is 4
  2. Total People who can involve in shop Robbery is 3
  3. Total People who can involve in Jewellery Robbery is 3
  4. Robbers Must Keep Hostages at Proper Gun Point
  5. Negotiating with police is very crucial. You can demand for things like free passage or no spikes , but remember don’t ask stupid demands like police must go to the other side of the road or police must drop their weapons
  6. Police can sometimes accept or reject demands (usually stupid ones are rejected). They will make clear which one is accepted. if you are in a roleplay situation where you think police didnt accepted your demand (ofcourse which is not a stupid one),try to finish your roleplay/robbery properly and after that you can raise a complaint in discord.
  7. You are not allowed to use the sniper gun that you get from hunting job for any other purpose