Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards is a PvP strategy card game now out on Android

Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards is a brand new game set in a fantasy world where they will have to use card decks as magical weapons in their quest to stop an army of advancing enemies. It will provide an epic PvP experience where players will have to join forces with an ally to confront the hordes of enemies and protect the magic crystal for as long as possible.

Game features

Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards has tower defense inspired gameplay, and hence, players will be required to employ ingenuity and proper tactics to outclass their opponents and emerge victorious. They will have to use different strategies depending on their deck, and they can also earn random cards with higher levels by combining others of the same type with the same level.

Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards will also allow players to upgrade battle cards and their heroes’ abilities. It also offers players the opportunity to collect various cups and win rewards in VIP PASS and open chests like gold, diamonds, new cards with unique abilities, and heroes.

Final Words

Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards provides an entertaining tower defense experience and engaging elements in its gameplay that enhance the competitive aspect and force players to make intelligent decisions to end up victorious.

Other features in the game, like card upgrades, cups, and rewards, are a common sight that we see in most card and tower-defense titles these days and don’t bring anything new to the genre.

It could be argued that Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards doesn’t offer anything new compared to other games in the genre, and it will need to rely heavily upon its unique gameplay elements to help it attract gamers and become a big success.

Magic Battle: Merge Random Cards is available to download for Android users on Google Play.

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