Run early on downs

This is a bit of football fundamental, but you’ll be surprised how easy to just immediately go for passes. Start your drives running the ball. This is will allow you to gain some yards, and push for the first down. It’s like in the real NFL where rushing the ball can be a huge benefit.

This, even with the NFL being more of a pass-first league nowadays thanks to players like Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. If your favorite team has a good solid running back, then try and utilize him as best you can. Not saying that you need to run every single time but at early parts of drives.

So then when it is time to make a pass for the first down, you won’t have as many yards to pick up. And it’s easier to throw interceptions than it is to fumble the ball. So taking that chance and throwing early can be effective or it can be dangerous. If you’re using a created QB and he’s fast, feel free to scramble with him so you have your cake and eat it too.

Control a lineman on defense

Defense in Madden or any football game for that matter can be tricky. One good way to start out on D is by controlling a defensive lineman. What’s nice about this is that you don’t need to worry about getting beat by an offensive player if that makes sense.

If you decide to control a player such as a cornerback, it may be harder for you to stay with your receiver if you’re a newer player. Being a defensive lineman, you don’t need to worry about that kind of coverage. All you need to do is focus on trying to get to the quarterback.

And it’s fun controlling a lineman because sacking the QB is always satisfying comfort food. Getting interceptions are amazing too, but a good hit on the man under center is good football fun. But once you’re comfortable, then you can switch off and try to control other defensive players such as the linebackers, safety, and the aforementioned cornerbacks.

Don’t be afraid to throw short passes

It’s really easy to go for the long balls in football games like Madden. They look cool and they get you a ton of yards. Unfortunately, they can be very dangerous too. These will leave doors of opportunity open for the defender to potentially get their hands on the ball.

This is because the ball is in the air long enough for a defender to make a play. However, by going with shorter, quicker passes, the defense will have a harder time reacting. Yes, you can still get picked off, but throwing some smooth bullet passes can be a good way to pick up yards.

And they look pretty. Throwing dart after dart as you approach the goal line, marching your team down the field. If you have some good route-running receivers, then that’s even better. And of course, if your quarterback is decent enough. But even if he isn’t, short passes can still be quite effective.


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