LOTR Rise to War essentials guide


Tip #2 – Territory conquest

In LOTR: Rise to War, your territory equals the number of tiles you have under your control. By controlling tiles you earn resources over time and Ring Power. The amount of resources and Ring Power a tile can produce is based on its level. The higher their level, the more they produce.

There is a maximum number of tiles that you can control at the time. You can raise that number by raising your Ring’s level and completing the Main Line Quests.

How to capture tiles

Every tile has a number of defenders and that number depends on the tile’s level. In order to capture a tile, you must assign units to your Commander’s army and march them towards that tile. Again, the higher level a tile is, the greater forces you are going to need. For tiles with power greater than 130, it might take more than a single battle in order to capture them.


Tip #3 – Resource management

We could say that there are two main categories of resources:
Ore, wood, stone and grain which is what you need to build and upgrade your structures, produce new units or heal the ones injured in battle.
The other one is Ring power, which is what you need in order to upgrade your Ring’s level and learn new skills.
Certain structures as well as the tiles you control can produce these resources per hour, but only tiles will give you Ring Power.
During the early stages of the game, you are going to need a lot of grain in order to produce new units. As you advance further into the game you should try to balance their production as you are going to need pretty much everything.


Tip #4 – Fellowships and Warbands

Fellowships or Warbands (depending on your faction) in Lord of The Rings: Rise to War is the equivalent of an alliance in pretty much any other MMORPG. You can join an existing one or simply create your own. With that being said, if you decide to join one, it is very, very important to find an active one. Why is it that important? Because you can gain access to Fellowships’ territory and you can also ask your fellow mates to help you out with resources when you upgrade your structures.
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By helping other members, you gain contribution points that you can then use to buy items from Fellowship’s store.


Tip #5 – Pick the right Commanders

Whenever you want to move your units around the map to capture tiles, you are going to need a Commander to lead them. A Commander can have up to 3 different types of units assigned to their team. Every time they perform a task, they use stamina. Once their stamina is below a certain level, they cannot battle anymore until they regenerate it over time.

In order to recruit new ones, players must first earn their respect. That can be done by giving them certain items or completing tasks. Once their respect bar is full, they become available to recruit in the ‘Tavern’.

Every time they go to battle, Commanders earn exp. Whenever they level up, they earn points that can then be allocated to learn new skills. Those skills can increase not only their power but also the power of certain units. With higher respect levels, more skills become available.

There are three different rarities of Commanders. The higher their rarity, the more respect points you need to earn in order to be able to recruit them.


Tip #6 – New player guide

If you are a new player and your goal is to enjoy this game without spending real money on it, here are a few tips that will make your life easier.

Pick a faction that is located in a remote place so you can have an easy time during the early stages of the game. That will allow you to farm up and strengthen your armies without having to worry about enemy players.

Level up your Commanders by taking level 1 tiles until you are able to start taking level 10. Once your Commander’s stamina is exhausted, go to the tavern and dispatch them. Their stamina will still regenerate over time.

Once you reach the maximum number of tiles that you can control, start deleting the lower level ones and start taking higher-level ones. During your first 24 hours, you have some very powerful buffs, try to take full advantage of them.

Do not use items to raise your Commanders respect level at the start. It is better to use these items to obtain a new Commander as fast as possible instead. By completing tips from the tavern, you can gain respect exp and also gears. The more Commanders you have available, the more things you’ll be able to do.

Focus on learning the Ring skills that can accelerate your Commander’s exp gains. After that, it’s probably best to go for the increased resources.

Completing the main quest line should be your priority, but at the same time, you can easily collect ‘Event’ rewards and also try to do as many weekly challenges as you can.

Do not spend much gold on Tier 1 and 2 units. Better save that gold for the Tier 3 units skills.

That’s all we have in this LOTR Rise to War guide for beginners! We have a bunch of similar content, just click on the link at the top with the game’s name, and you’ll be in for a treat!

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