Lost Light, NetEase’s third-person survival shooter, teases new content arriving in its next beta test

NetEase Games has teased new content that is coming to its third-person survival shooter Lost Light in the next beta test. Previously, the developer ran a closed beta test earlier this month in Australia and New Zealand.

Firstly, there will be a new game mode to play called Winner Takes All. This is a Ranked Mode that provides an exhilarating combat experience where you can spend points gained from the battlefield to exchange for various items and weapons in the pot. The game’s final stage also only has one available exit, meaning it’ll be a big scramble for whichever player can get out alive.

Lost Light is also introducing changes to the sandbox modification system. The Blueprint function allows you to modify your guns with a single tap. It also recommends the most useful and popular modifications based on the combat scenario, and it enables you to save your mod plans in the form of blueprints to share with other players.

NetEase promises that this system will continue to be expanded during development, with more firearms and components added as well as improvements to textures to give you a higher degree of freedom and a more realistic experience.
“Lost Light has just concluded its first CBT, and we hope all participants had a wonderful experience,” NetEase says on the current state of the game. “The game is still in early development, and much needs to be done before the official release. We will continue our endeavors to bring players worldwide a realistic war experience like no other.”

To keep an eye on upcoming development updates and to be alerted for when the next beta test for Lost Light is available, be sure to check out the game on its official website
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