Lost Light is an upcoming survival shooter for iOS and Android that will have a closed beta test this month

Lost Light is an upcoming, third-person survival shooter from NetEase. Today they’ve announced that a closed beta test will be held from 28th January in Australia and New Zealand. It will see players heading into the treacherous lockdown zone as a member of Firefly Squad.

They will be tasked with uncovering the secrets that can be found within. They can choose to do this entirely on their own or by teaming up with other players for a better chance of survival. Either way, there will be plenty of shooting and looting to be had.

The arsenal of weapons on offer appears to have been one of the bigger focuses for NetEase in Lost Light. From the textures to the structure of the gun itself, they have recreated these weapons as accurately as possible. Beyond the visuals, each firearm can support up to 12 modifiable parts alongside hundreds of different components to suit the player’s preferences.

However, players don’t have to kill everybody that they run into. It’s also possible to team up with an enemy and escape the lockdown zone together. Alternatively, they may wish to pay other players some of their spoils to be rescued after being knocked out.

Once they’ve managed to escape with a good amount of loot they’ll look to set up a shelter. Here they can set up a shop and trade their wares with others in a player-driven economy. Naturally, players can buy too, ensuring they’re appropriately geared up for their next adventure into the lockdown zone.

Lost Light will be heading to the App Store and Google Play sometime after the close beta test later this month. If you’d like to pre-register your interest you can do so by heading over to the game’s official site.
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