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In Da Hoop – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Here’s the first look at the reveal of In Da Hoop, a hoop-hooting VR game …


  1. Omg that looked amazing then I seen no pc. 🤨😭 Come on sega ffs please this game looks amazing

  2. is it possible to beat the Yakuza game without any side objectives or crappy activities ? Im just in for the story

  3. So… anyone else think this will be an RPG like LAD? That bit at the end with thex4 of em standing there feels like a hint towards it maybe??

  4. i love the stories and combat systems in these games but the dev really gotta stop reusing the same map. even the same little cubicle for the suspect that they talk through glass to is the same exact one in the last game. and that same damn bad guy walking into their specific stand off spot animation they use when an antagonist faces off against some character. literally used for every single character in all their games. I've seen it a million times alone in Like a Dragon lol.

  5. A second game means there is a chance we can romance Saori?

  6. Wait its a new entry or just some dlc for the original??

  7. next gen ace attorney??

  8. I didn't think we'll see it the day after the leak

  9. I'd be happier if Judgement was gonna be on PC and not dogshit Stadia

  10. ⠀⠀⠀

    very cool game It's a pity that such fighting games do not come out on the computer at all

  11. New Judgement? Hell yessss🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. games now are becoming movies lol

  13. I'm so early I don't even know if this game is gonna be a bit.

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