The Combat is Slower

OK so, we talked a bit about how Lords of the Fallen is extremely similar to the Souls games and it certainly is in many ways. However, one thing that is different is the combat. In the Souls games, combat is relatively fast, and Bloodborne, another game from that universe, is even faster.

Lords of the Fallen is actually pretty slow and heavy with its movements and combat. This is one of the nice things about the game. The attacks feel heavier and quite satisfying overall. The enemies have about the same attack speed as the Harkyn.

This all kind of just depends on what kind of speed you enjoy your RPGs to have. If you’re somebody who has sampled a Souls game, then you might appreciate this game being a bit more forgiving, and the slower pace kind of contributes to that.

It Borrows Heavily From Dark Souls

OK, so we kinda beat this down like a drum but only because it’s true. Of all of the Souls-like games (and there are a ton of them now), Lords of the Fallen is as close to the series as there is. Not saying it’s as good as Souls or a game like Nioh, but I mean that the look and feels are amazingly similar.

As mentioned before, the combat is much slower, which is one of the game’s strengths. No attack feels “light when you connect on your hits. But the animations, level designs, and even some of the sounds are almost just like the Souls games.

What makes this good is that, if you were ever interested in the legendary dark fantasy RPG, then this is a great game to try out. Plus, it’s one of the few console-based Souls-likes on mobile, making it versatile compared to other games in the genre.

Unique Take on Rewards

One relatively small thing that makes Lords of the Fallen interesting is how you collect rewards. Rewards will drop from regular enemies like normal, but after defeating bosses, things are a bit different and it’s a good thing considering the results.

There will be strange crystal-like things floating in certain areas. These things are huge and can’t be missed, especially in smaller buildings. You’ll notice that this won’t have any use for you, for now at least. But after defeating a boss nearby, you’ll be able to come back here.

Upon touching it, you’ll be sent to a special area where you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. This satisfactory of rewarding could definitely have you excited to take on a boss. And seeing these crystals is a great little indication of what’s ahead. Be prepared to think: “Uh oh, boss ahead…” when you see these.

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