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Thymesia – Official Announcement Trailer

Watch the trailer for a look at combat as well as the grim and mysterious …


  1. i don't want remaster, i want remake, release on pc with low friendly spec, xbox, and more, also have gameplay like dark souls or kingdom of amalaur.

  2. make it 3D world like trial of mana!

  3. Undine dryad etc. I still have no idea how to place right artifact

  4. One hand sword is the best weapon

    Just tap attack every second and the enemy will never fight back since they get interrupted non stop

  5. fun fact: this is also coming to the ps4, check out the Japanese Playstation Store.

  6. Chrono Trigger remastered next please.

  7. ahh, Domina soundtrack again, so peaceful…

  8. Honestly it's kinda a total nightmare for me. I've been waiting for Legend of Mana to have a remake like Trials of Mana or at least remastered with different and much better graphic. Not only let's say 480p to 720p with totally the same as the original. I want something new and awesome oh my god. 😔😢

  9. I want a remake not remaster. They did every single mana game a remake but not the best one

  10. "HD Graphics", zooms on a pixelated mess. While the BGs are upscaled and nice-looking, the sprites are left in the dust and look really bad 🙁 This is a half-assed job, sorry :/

  11. square enix makes fun of players again !!! to release this 8th wonder in downloading only is a real shame !!! we want a physical version for this magnificent legend of mana !!!

  12. This will launch on Switch, Steam PC and PS4

  13. After the SaGa Frontier remastered announcement. I was hoping this wasn't far behind

  14. I remember playing against my cousin's character. This game is a hidden gem

  15. Chrono cross remake would be swell

  16. looks at the thumbnail
    … god she is ugly

  17. 20 year….?
    slowly turn into old man

  18. That's a bit unfair. The only good mana game and it only comes out on switch, while we got trials of mana or whatever that ugly ass thing was on big consoles. Quite disappointed cos I was looking forward to replaying this one. 😤

  19. Ngl, after seeing this coming to the switch, I kinda got my hopes up for something like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, or even if I HAD to stretch it a lil the good version of Final Fantasy 6 (y’know without the horrible stiff mobile game graphics)

  20. Knew this was coming from the success of Trials of Mana, Didn't know it came so soon and it's in the form of a remaster. (Was hoping it was a remake)

  21. Legend of mana 2, please square enix.

  22. I wonder if the smithing guides will be updated. I still can't find anyone who know how to get that to work consistently.

  23. you had me at "remastered legend of mana" but then lost me at "coming to switch"
    Sad poor people noises

  24. wasn't Ring-Ring Land the PocketStation compatibility feature originally?

  25. With this guaranteed my wish for a sword if mana remake lives on

  26. I actually popped off soooo hard at this game announcement. All of my childhood memories rushed in my brain like a dopamine monsoon at this news. Can't wait to play it again!

  27. This game is so nostalgic, it was perfect really, especially the music

  28. i’m happy that square enix never forget their classic RPG. I hope Konami will do so by making Suikoden remake or at least remaster 😅

  29. Duuuuuude im' crying, love this game so much

  30. I've Played and Finished this game over and over and it is still the best "mana themed" game I've Played. the Dedication on learning all the skills and techniques and the story is what makes this game one of the best classic there is. and the Music is Superb

  31. The meaning of magical and mystical game for my childhood, i had no idea what to do, what weapons were good, i also got stuck iin the story, like trying to find the twins broom or something and then they left my house, and i had no idea what to do next, god this game was amazing then that happened. I never played it again even with all the emulators and guides but i really wanted to. Maybe now i can

  32. Oh my god… i'll never forget that song pain the universe and irwin on something something… this game is so colorful and so many weapons to choose from.

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