Left 4 Dead Spiritual Successor Back 4 Blood Revealed With Two Trailers

Worms, death, blood, and zombies – what more could you possibly want? Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock was shown off at The Game Awards 2020 with a gruesome new trailer perfect for those that love gore with their…well, gore. 

The trailer almost looks like a more actualized version of Left 4 Dead, and honestly? I’m here for it!  That also makes sense given that this is that franchise’s spiritual successor. A little bit of horror, a little bit of humor; check out the reveal trailer for yourself in the video below: 

The team also showed off some pre-alpha footage to enjoy, showing off gameplay in action: 

We’ve known this game was coming for a while now, but we didn’t know what it looked like or how close it would resemble the beloved Left 4 Dead series. If the pre-alpha footage holds true to what the game will have to offer, this is going to be one epic ride. 

What did you think of what was shown for Back 4 Blood? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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