Leap Lets Us Live Our Wildest Hoverboard Dreams

Blue Isle Studios is bringing its new shooter, Leap, to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 along with a PC release. Check out the trailer below showing its wild, fast-paced action … in action. 

Leap features 60-player matches where players take on roles determined by which exosuit they choose to utilize. The four currently available are the Pathfinder, Titan, Wraith, and Tech Ops, each with different playstyles, armor types, and skills. Some let you fly in the air with a jetpack, while others let you stealth or play the support role. Personal vehicles or PVs let players mount up on their preferred ride, including a mechanical moose, what looks like a snow tube, or my favorite: the hoverboard. I definitely prefer cruising into battle like a gun-toating Silver Surfer.

Check out the Leap site to sign up for a chance to play in its beta which begins on January 19.

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