Leap Day: Tips to have you jumping for joy

Take your time jumping

Early on, it’s easy to feel panicky and just keep jumping non-stop. It’s especially easy when your character is constantly running, so you feel like you need to hop. He will just run back and forth until you make your move though, so take your time.

This is only if you are struggling on a certain area of the platform of course. Let your little dude run, and then make the jump at the best time possible. There’s no time limit, so you can go about it your way. The only time you need to worry about is the amount you have left on your actual day.

So just take your time, because the last thing you want to do is die. In many games, you’ll just start from where you died or nearby, but it’s a bit different with Leap Day.

Collect plenty of fruit

Ah yes, fruits. Those juicy, healthy foods that we are all far too familiar with in video games. Well, they play a major role in Leap Day. They are scattered all over the platforms and you should try to grab as many as you possibly can.

Some may be tricky to get but aren’t impossible. There aren’t millions of them, but you can gather quite a few if you time your jumps. The good thing is that they aren’t very small, so it makes them seem reachable even when they’re in tough positions.

But these will really help you when it comes to checkpoints, and I’ll explain on the next slide. But try not to lose sight of the fruits. Also know that once you hop on a platform, you can drop down if you missed a fruit or two. Speaking of which, don’t fret if you do miss some. There are enough of them for you to snag.

Head into those checkpoints

In some games, checkpoints may not be as critical as you think, but in Leap Day, they are highly important. And no, it’s not quite as easy as just jumping passed the platform and getting your checkpoint. There are small rooms that you need to go into.

Once in there, you need to hit a treasure chest. There are two of them there, and one requires you to use your fruits as we talked about earlier. Definitely make sure you have enough fruit in your inventory so you can pay your way to open the chest. This will save your progress.

The second chest doesn’t need fruits, but you will be forced to view an ad (gasp). If you can handle the ads, then maybe this is a wise way to go if you want to save your fruits. Perhaps balance it out if you need to and go back and forth.


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