Kursk – Gameplay Trailer

Get ready for the documentary-adventure game, Kursk, which follows the story of a spy who infiltrates a Russian submarine. Discover everything you can about the tragedy of the K-141 Kursk when it comes to PC via Steam on October 11.

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  1. from the steam page…
    "VR Support DLC"

  2. "I've never been on a submarine before, is it safe?"

    "As the Titanic, sir"

  3. spoiler

    it explodes in the end

  4. This looks fairly interesting, though it does seem like a bit of a touchy subject to make a game about. Though that’s probably just me, because of the research I’ve done on the actual Kursk disaster.

  5. Just by the name alone this will not be a happy ending as everyone will die.

  6. So it looks like you play as someone sabotaging a russian submarine, am I right?

  7. I want a "Чернобыль" game now.

  8. Ouff, this looks interesting

  9. "actual in-game footage"
    Thanks for the warning 🤣🤣🤣

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