Ice-Pick Lodge, best known for creating the open world survival RPG Pathologic, is releasing a sentimental adventure game called Know by Heart on iOS later this year.

It’s a game about accepting loss, with the plot, music and atmospheric mini games blending together to create an illusion of briefly returning to your childhood and experiencing the inevitability of growing up.

You are immersed into the quiet life of a provincial Russian town, with traces of the former Soviet era are still seen and heard. As Misha, you are stuck in a monotonous dead-end job until his routine is uprooted one day when an old flame returns to town.

For the first time in years, Misha regains hope of escaping this monotonous daily life by journeying down memory lane and piecing together the fragments of his childhood to rekindle the alliance between himself and his old friends.

Anyone familiar with Ice-Pick Lodge’s previous titles will know how dedicated the Russian developer is to curating a specific atmosphere for each title, bordering on the surreal and emotive aspects of visual design, and there’s no doubt this won’t be withheld in Know by Heart. It features an emotional plot with non-linear elements and several endings, with gameplay lasting about five hours.

The game mechanics also represent the thoughts and memories of the protagonist, however details on how exactly this works are still bare. For now, you can check the trailer above to see more of the game’s post-Soviet setting.

Know by Heart will release on iOS later this year, and it’s also coming to PC too. There’s no word on an iOS version, and not even a store page yet, but we’ll be sure to update you on any new details which arise.
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