Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the latest mobile game from the popular series, announced with plans for a beta test later this year

During the recent 20th anniversary event hosted for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Square Enix and Disney revealed a brand-new mobile game for both Android and iOS. Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is the most recent entry into the series, following up the massive announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4.

The 20th-anniversary event, hosted in Tokyo, featured many large announcements related to the Kingdom Hearts IP, and lots of reminiscing on the long-running series with new artwork shared and trailers for both the mobile game and Kingdom Hearts 4 as well. This, alongside some live music performances, led to a very exciting event for the massive fanbase of the franchise.

Details for Missing-Link specifically are, as you could probably expect from Kingdom Hearts, extremely scarce. All we know so far is that the game will be hosting a closed beta at some point in the near future, and will allow players to embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum, a name familiar to any fan of the series, into the real world. It looks to be a third-person action game much like every other entry thus far, and will likely feature some light JRPG mechanics as well such as leveling and party composition. Anything beyond that is, unfortunately, purely speculation.


Still, it’s been a while since the previous Kingdom Hearts mobile game Union X stopped being supported, so it is certainly exciting to see it get another mobile adaptation. This, along with the knowledge of how important Union X’s story became to the lore of the franchise, means that Missing-Link will likely be even more important to the long-running overarching storyline than we can even begin to guess.

As for where you can find more information, alongside the featured trailer above, you can also follow the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter handle and keep an eye on any postings. If you want to go one step further, you can also keep an eye on the Kingdom Hearts website as well.

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