Kemco’s JRPG Asdivine Saga is out today on iOS and Android

Kemco has released its retro-inspired JRPG Asdivine Saga today on iOS and Android devices.

The latest addition to the Asdivine series has you play as Vyse and his party of heroes as they uncover the evil machinations that are operating behind the scenes of a war that has suddenly engulfed the world. The story features a cast of memorable characters who each have their own set of comical heroics and wild antics.

The graphics utilise an old-school JRPG aesthetic to them, taking advantage of the retro look to deliver a solid expansive story with a wide array of different characters. Akane, for example, is a shinobi who can combine items, and thus will be able to unleash a variety of special attacks in battle.

You can also equip spirits who can be levelled up, and their magic will turn the tide of battle through the addition of powerful skills called Trust Charges. You can also use this power to create rare rings which can be equipped as accessories to support you during combat.

Check out the trailer for Asdivine Saga below to see some more of the game in action. The game also looks to include some features of the series that fans have come to expect, including a battle arena, a weapon upgrade system and levels that go all the way up to 999.

There’s also a social side to the game too, including possible romance options. Depending on how he interacts with members of his party, Vyse can build relationships of trust and get much closer to them.

Asdivine Saga is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a premium title costing $5.99 on iOS and $6.99 on Android, and there’s also a free version on Google Play containing in-game adverts if you’re a bit strapped for cash right now.
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