Just Cause: Mobile Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2020

Just Cause: Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game set in the Just Cause universe. Grapple and glide your way through a full single-player campaign, or team up with friends for 30-player competitive multiplayer or co-op modes. Just Cause: Mobile is coming to iOS and Android in 2021.

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  1. Maybe, if it's really cheap and gets ported to switch.

  2. – Mom, can we get Attack on Titan?
    – We already have AoT at home
    The Attack on Titan at home:

  3. gonna be honest with u fellas this looks absolutely garbage

  4. You know a game is memorable when you forget about it the day that it’s revealed

  5. Okay, but I want a fifth game.

  6. hahahaha yeah … no! 😀

  7. The second JC4 was announced so soon after JC3 with no differences besides "ooh new wacky tools", I knew SE was gonna drive the franchise into the ground

  8. "Look what they did to ma boi!!!"

  9. Lets ruin another great game

  10. Ok. Now do this with just cause 4 graphics for consoles

  11. We finally get official online multiplayer…and it's a mobile game

  12. huh, okay, nice cinamatic, now can u add this to the next game cuz i really dont care much for mobile

  13. This doesn't even seem like a Just Cause game. It feels more like a generic mobile action game that you could find anywhere.

  14. Why’ve u done this tho

  15. Why do they feel the need to use IPs for these offshoot mobile games that aren't in the realm of the mainline series? This looks like it could be just about any mobile action game, nothing about this says "Just Cause".

  16. SE: You guys have phones, right?

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