Iron Wings Official Gameplay Teaser Trailer

This air combat game – set during World War II – focuses on the pilots Jack and Amelia.

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  1. 0.52-0.55 is such a meme

  2. Most sound effects are from Red Tails.

  3. pc deserve this game, it should remain xclusive

  4. Wow Amazing ! finally an arcade wwii flying game since Blazing Angles ! I'm in

  5. 0:13 still better animation than ME4!

  6. wow, is that a copy of the DFM from Ace Combat: Asshalt Horizon? This is not looking good at all.
    Note: intentional mispelt

  7. There should be a comment section for longer ads.

  8. is this the same developer from ac assault horizon? the gimmicks looks very similiar..

  9. 0:14 the funniest thing i have seen in along time, the pinnacle of facial animation

  10. we wuz pilots and shiiiiet… another blackwashed game

  11. come on this sucks. we never had a really good ww2 airplane game that futures a lot of both sides. we get the red tails in this game and it we get thia crppy looking. so done

  12. This game looks like its from the late ps2/early ps3 days.

  13. So this game is taken place in Africa? Or made by Africans? Or stole faces from africans?

  14. Those voice actors tho

  15. I'm in for some arcady stuff (been playing War Thunder for so long).
    I liked Blazing Angels Secrets of WWII so I hope this hits the stuff.

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