Iron Order 1919, a strategy-based game taking place in an alternate post-WW1 universe, launches today for iOS and Android

Bytro has officially launched its retelling of an alternate version of the first World War, called Iron Order 1919. The game will allow players to completely reshape history.

The game is set in 1919, where “The Great War’ continues to rage. Constant research has led to a breakthrough in technology and advanced warfare through the creation of Mechs. These Mechs are gigantic war machines plated with thick armour, wielding weapons you couldn’t even dreamt of.

iron order 1919 war

Europe is trapped in a fierce war over dominance and with the introduction of Mechs, soldiers are now just mere bystanders in the war.

The fate of the war is dependent on a calamitous clash between man and machine and the nation who is willing to pay the toll of blood and iron will only emerge on top.

The entire concept sounds really fresh and exciting and here is what the Lead Producer, Sebastian Tueber has to say about the game, “We are excited to finally present our newest game Iron Order 1919. For the first time in our company’s history, we are extending beyond a historical World War scenario with a fictional, alternative post World War 1 world. This project was driven by a lot of passion from the whole team since there are no borders pre-defined by history.”

iron order 1919 gameplay

Iron Order 1919 is Bytro’s long-term strategy game, and the game will elevate the genre to new heights with the inclusion of Mechs, altered country borders, new governments, and an alternate history. Countries will be named differently. However, they will bear a lot of similarities and differences compared to real-world nations.

Here are some of the top features players can experience in the game:

  • Real-time multiplayer/pvp with a minimum of 26 players.
  • Control epic units such as the Titan, the Flying Fortress, and the Siege Mech.
  • Experience an alternative post World War 1 world.
  • Join an alliance and forge coalitions.
  • Massive research tree with 3 major unit levels for each unit.
  • Unlock special capabilities for units.
  • A grim but captivating setting where World War 1 never truly ended.
  • Playable on mobile and desktop.
iron order 1919 mechs

Be on the lookout for constant updates and features to be implemented into the game. You can download the game now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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