Iron Harvest – Official Operation Eagle Announcement Trailer

Watch the trailer for the upcoming expansion, Operation Eagle, coming to Iron Harvest, the game set in an alternate reality of 1920+.

The Operation Eagle expansion features the American Union of Usonia Faction with over 20 new units, the Usonia Campaign, three new playable heroes, new playable allies, new multiplayer maps, and more.

In the aftermath of The Great War, the world is in chaos and borders are being redrawn. Usonia wants to make the 20th century “America’s Century” while an old enemy in the shadows tries to seize power.

Iron Harvest’s Operation Eagle arrives on May 27, 2021, on PC.

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  1. Polania: Of stuck between Rusviet and Saxony again… hopefully things won't go any worse…
    Usonia: AMERICA, F*CK YEAH!
    Polania: Kurwa.

  2. That was aggresively american

  3. That was aggresively american

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