Interactive Facebook Watch original title Rival Peak comes to iOS

Rival Peak is being expanded to mobile as a new app for iOS devices thanks to an influx in viewer demand.

It’s a quasi-adventure game and interactive competitive elimination show that airs exclusively on Facebook Watch, the on-demand video service run by Facebook. The first title of its kind, Rival Peak is built from the ground up to let viewers decide the outcome of each week, and it’s actually designed by cutting edge narrative designers and animators from Telltale and Pixar.

As a result of the massive increase in viewers and the demand for expansion on new platforms, Rival Peak is coming with iOS support today. This comes with the revelation that an overwhelming majority of viewership of the game show has been from mobile users as revealed in new data.

The first season of Rival Peak launched on Facebook Watch on 2nd December of last year and is airing until next month on 26th February. In that time, viewers have spent more 25 million minutes watching the content on Facebook, and over 600,000 unique Facebook users have logged into the full interactive experience. The countries with the biggest audiences include the United States, Mexico, India and Brazil.

Furthermore, the first six episodes of Rival Speak – a weekly live-action companion show to Rival Peak hosted by actor Wil Wheaton – has gained 22 million views itself.

Facebook Watch is a video on-demand service run by Facebook originally launched in 2017. It creates original content for the site, as well as hosting older television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, that is watched by over 700 million people per month.

You can check out Rival Peak via its Facebook page here, and keep an eye out for the app appearing on the iOS App Store later today.
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