Infinite Lagrange Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement starts today, adding a new Ore type and strategic possibilities

Infinite Lagrange has amassed a huge following since its official release in June, and today marks the beginning of its third agreement, Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement. Agreements change regularly, servers get merged, and with each agreement the map expands, providing fans with even more possibilities. On this occasion, Netease has added an extra strategic dynamic to Infinite Lagrange’s alliance gameplay with the addition of Special Ore.

The Trojite Crystal

Starting today, a new Special Ore resource named Trojite Crystal can be found scattered throughout the Lagrange system, and whilst the mineral itself cannot be used directly by the player, it will provide a massive benefit to their alliance in the form of time-varying points. These points will be received when Special Ore is mined and returned to the city and will count towards end of final rewards for both the player and their alliance.

Whilst mining and exploration presents one way of obtaining Trojite Crystal, players may also find cities where the new mineral is being distributed when partaking in city-taking activities. Naturally, once you’ve occupied the city, you’ll earn points for your alliance for as long as the city is held. The benefit with this approach over mining for Trojite Crystal is you won’t have to be on constant alert for enemy attacks when escorting your cargo back to the city.

New strategic possibilities in Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement

With Infinite Lagrange’s Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement update bringing even more interactive gameplay than before, now is the perfect time to begin your adventure with this sci-fi grand space simulation Game.

You can find Infinite Lagrange available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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