Identity V’s crossover event with anime The Promised Neverland is now live

Initially unveiled all the way back in December, Identity V’s crossover with the anime The Promised Neverland is now live in the popular 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror title. It’s set to run from today until March 17th and introduces a bunch of collaborative content. 

The crossover event will see a host of characters from The Promised Neverland arrive in Identity V. This will include Isabella/Bloody Queen, Emma/Gardener, Norman/Embalmer and Ray/Prisoner. All of whom, except Isabella, sport the Coraline-style button eyes Identity V often makes use of.

Aside from these new characters, there are two crossover costumes called Mind’s Eye – Gilda and
Forward – Don. Players will also be able to collect character portraits, crossover graffiti, and exclusive/general crossover accessories. These will include Ray’s favourite book, Emma’s lantern, Conny’s toy bunny “Little Bunny,” and Norman’s Paper Cup Phone.

During the event, players can take part in a check-in event. This will net them various rewards simply for logging into the game each day. In addition to that, there will also be other mini-events to take part in including battle events, trivia and other activities. You can check out a teaser trailer for the event in the embedded video above.

There is also a Manor Quiz available too. This will allow you to see who among your friends would manage to escape the plantation before shipping off happens. If you’re familiar with the series that will likely mean a lot more to you than others.

Identity V is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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