Hunting Simulator Official Gameplay Trailer

Track bears, birds and cougars across various landscapes.

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  1. Why so much hate on this? Too cheap of a game?

  2. Lotta tree huggers in here. You can kill 10's to thousands of people/humans in a video game but make it a animal and that's going too far. What a joke.

  3. Animal Extinction Simulator! PG16

  4. there's gotta be a big foot in this 😂

  5. This is not how hunting works…

  6. is there a mode where i can drive down a logging road and shoot deer from my truck?…now that would be a realistic hunting sim!

  7. fuccccckkkk yea son! pew pew! I'm gonna whipe out every last buffalo! But what's with this "soon" crap? How's about's a date?

  8. I hope there's friendly fire.

  9. wonder if its going to have xray vision Love when hunting games have that.

  10. this game looks like shit even zelda looks better than this and zelda is a bad game

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