Hunt: Showdown – Official The Wolf at the Door Trailer

Check out the trailer for Hunt: Showdown’s latest DLC, The Wolf at the Door. The Legendary Weapons DLC contains four Legendary weapons: Rougarou (Mosin Nagant Obrez), Once Bitten (Lebel 1886 Marksman), Blood Moon (Crown & King Auto-5), and Midnight Howl (Caldwell Conversion Uppercut).

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  1. well thats a waste of time

  2. Cosmetics?? Excited for nothing

  3. Great, more cosmetics, and yet still only two maps…

  4. Would give this game a shot, but I’ve heard that it doesn’t run well on consoles. Unfortunate.

  5. This game runs like crap on consoles unfortunately. The framerate isn‘t necessarily the problem, but the input lag. Unplayable for me. And they don‘t seem to plan/work on next gen support that could fix it console-wise so… I probably won‘t make another Crytek purchase.

  6. Werewolves would add so much intensity to an already intense game

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