Summoning your warriors

This is going to help you immediately out of the gate, especially if you downloaded the game early and logged in to earn those special early bonus rewards.

Get a 10x summon done, and make sure it includes the chance to earn units. Level up these units early on, level 10 is good if you’re just starting out, and use the auto function to equip them with the best weapons you have, and any accessories you may have.

Levelling all units to the same level, and then using the auto-set function will allow you to see which characters the game deems to be the most powerful, and then you can sort your team from there.

Armed to the teeth

Your character levels are important, but your weapons are equally important. While you summon units, you’ll also find a whole slew of weapons, which can be equipped to your strongest characters.

The weapons don’t do much visually, but they’ll make your warriors far more capable in battle, and you’ll see your team devastate enemy hordes.

Of course, your weapons are just like your units. Only as good as their weakest link. And so, yes, you’ll want to level up weapons too… Check out our next tip for that.

Levelling up

Head into the Upgrade screen at the bottom of the main menu, from here you can use items to level up both weapons and units.

Of course, you don’t want to go wasting your level up items on useless units, so again, assess which are the best and keep them in the focus.

As for weapons, you can upgrade and level up weapons by using older weapons. After you’ve done at least two 10x summons, you should have plenty of gold weapons to equip your main team with, and extras to sacrifice to level those gold weapons up.

On loop

Our final tip is to play while not playing. I’m playing right now, as I type this, because of loopable quests.

You can find all available loopable quests in the events section, and loopable quests will allow you to literally play and play the quest in auto mode until you run out of stamina, giving you all the rewards you earn for completing the quest multiple times.

This is a great mode to set up if you have plenty of stamina but are logging off for the day, or if you accidentally collected too many energy potions, as you can set those to be automatically used to top-up stamina as the games plays itself. It’s cheeky, but a great way to get experience and materials fast.

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