How to get all the rewards from the Stamp Rally event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Blathers’ Stamp Rally

The Stamp Rally is really quite simple, you must go through the three primary areas of the museum and you will find small desks throughout, three desks in each area.

Interact with each of these desks in each area to earn a stamp for your card, which you can then trade for a nice plaque.

The only problem is that there is currently no stamp rewards for browsing the art section. A bit of a shame, but we can understand why, seeing as it is a brand new section.

I’m learnding

As you collect the stamps you will actually get a little bit of an education. Shocking, I know.

You will be able to learn about the fish and bugs you see, in addition to the fossils. Did you know the lines on the floor in the fossil section are actually evolutionary trees? You can follow the branches to find the nearest cousins of the ancient creatures you collect.

Of course if you want a proper education, we recommend actually taking fossils, bugs, and fish to Blathers, and allowing him to wax lyrical about their worth.

Big rewards

Once you have gone into the three primary museum sections and collected the three stamps in each you will earn yourself a plaque. Just talk to Blathers again to get your reward.

He will offer to you a fish plaque, a fossil plaque, and a bug plaque, each of them gold and very shiny, perfect for a special place in your home.

I have a nature room I’ll be putting them in, but they would also look good next to my HHA plaques… Regardless of what you choose to do with them, make sure to log in to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as soon as you can to get these exclusive items before it’s too late!

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